Habibi Spa facials are customized using Advanced Skincare products and treatments tailored to every client's individual skincare needs. All of our facial treatments start with an initial consultation to gain an understanding about your current lifestyle and skincare concerns, which will allow us to give you the best possible results. During the treatment the esthetician will prepare and recommend a home maintenance program to continue your spa experience.

HABIBI SPA FACIAL  60min  $  99

FIRMING FACIAL       60min  $ 125

MOISTURIZING FACIAL       60min  $ 125

ROSACEA FACIAL       60min  $ 135

DEEP CLEANSING FACIAL       75min  $ 135

GUINOT TEEN FACIAL       60min  $ 89

RADIANCE FACIAL       75min  $ 150

RADIANCE EXPRESS GLOW       30min  $ 75